Los Chickens Hermanos is a newborn family that has risen from 2 developers friends which decided that PEPE already had enough and we need some changes. To all meme enthusiasts! It's time for a change in the crypto market as you never have seen before.
Los Chickens Hermanos ($CHICK) is unlike any other coin out there, this is what community has urged for so much time! It's the most brand new and HOT token to be born in a ocean of repeated and satured frogshit!


Los Chickens Hermanos is a meme token based in one of the most iconic brand in the history of the TV series, called Los Pollos Hermanos.


The community is in charge of Los Chickens hermanos, and we're all one big family committed to succeed! With a total supply of 1 billion coins, we make it accessible to everyone to have its own $CHICK and become part of the Los Chickens Hermanos Family


And did we mention it's the funniest coin out there? $CHICK is the most original meme token like never before, so take your $CHICK, get on your seat and LET DEVS COOK. Every buy we kill one pepe.


$CHICK is a cutting-edge Technology of memecoin that rised from the boredom of a market full of Pepes. The Pepe Wave is about to get Ripped off with our most original meme, first being launched on Solana . And we want your endevour to spread the $CHICK Spell against these Green Mf creatures.

1,000,000,000 supply

No taxes, no permissions, our product is 100% pure and tested
There is no satured pepeshit or token with non-usability here, the community can decide whatever they want to do with the project through Los Hermanos DAO, no centralization is allowed here.
Permissionlessness, 0 tax, and delicious, cooked by us, just for yah. $CHICK fried chicken, you can't eat the frog, but you can eat $CHICK, there is 1 billion of $CHICK cooked specially for you, fill your stomach now or cry later eating pepes.

Los Hermanos DAO

Giving the power on community hands

What is a DAO?
A DAO, short for decentralized autonomous organization, represents a form of organizational structure that operates without a central authority. Participants in a DAO hold tokens that confer ownership rights and enable them to participate in voting on initiatives concerning the organization.

The DAO's operations are governed by publicly disclosed smart contracts, which ensure transparency and enforce the agreed-upon rules.
  • Minimum 800K $CHICK tokens per wallet
    • Los Hermanos DAO ALPHA
      The proccess will be avaiable to the Early Adopters verify eligibility and submit to the next phases
    • Los Hermanos DAO BETA
      The proccess will consist of a testnet of our main platform and DAO contract eligibility
    • Los Hermanos DAO Mainnet
      The full DAO ecosystem, marketplace, chickenstore, staking/LPfarm, DAO voting
    • Be able to decide the future of Los Chickens Hermanos by becoming a DAO voter
    • Receive more rights to vote by increasing your $CHICK holding
    • Receive exclusive items
    • ChickStore(Los Chickens Hermanos NFT/assets marketplace) exclusive discounts
    • Receive a delicious discount in the NFTs minting
    • Be able to receive all the future benefits that Los Chickens Hermanos can create to bring value to its community
    • DAO Holders staking/LP DeFi protocol access
    • Exclusive Hermanos DAO Airdrops
    DAO Levels
    • Level 1 - $800k $CHICK

      • Bronze Chicken - Earn vote weight 1 + 10% discount in NFT sales + 1 physical product
    • Level 2 - $1.5 Million $CHICK

      • Silver Chicken - Earn vote weight 3 + 20% discount in NFT sales + 2 physical products + 15% discount in events/parties entry
    • Level 3 - $3 Million $CHICK

      • Gold Chicken - Earn vote weight 5 + 30% discount in NFT sales + 4 physical products + 30% discount in events/parties entry
    • Level 4 - $5 Million $CHICK

      • Chicken King - Earn vote weight 10 + 50% discount in NFT sales + all physical products + 100% discount in events/parties entry

    Los Chickens Hermanos Team

    Baltazar Gracian - CEO

    Jarvas - CTO

    Dirk Robert -
    Graphic Designer and Unreal Engine Developer

    Jing Xiuying - Marketing Genius

    Jong Sung - VFX and Motion Graphics designer

    Julius Cambridge - Blockchain Expert

    Owned by Los Chickens Hermanos - LTDA Coorporation, All Rights Reserved logo.png